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Product code Product name Supplier
JP27412 Angiotensinogen human Demeditec
JP27413 Angiotensinogen mouse Demeditec
JP27414 Angiotensinogen rat Demeditec
DER090 Ghrelin Demeditec
DE3552 hGH Demeditec
DE4140 IGF-1 Demeditec
DE2984 IGF-1 mouse/rat Demeditec
DEE001 IGFBP-1 Demeditec
DEE005 IGFBP-2 Demeditec
DEE008 IGFBP-2 mouse, rat Demeditec
DE33001 IGFBP-3 Demeditec
DEE004 IGFBP-3 bioactive Demeditec
DEE031 IGFBP-3 mouse, rat Demeditec
DEE003 IGFBP-3 total Demeditec
DE4529 PLGF (Placenta growth factor) Demeditec
DEE050 Resistin Demeditec
DE1864 TGF beta-1 Demeditec
DE1293 C-Peptide Demeditec
DE2337 Insulin ultrasensitive Demeditec
DE2935 Insulin, human Demeditec
DE1560 Proinsulin Demeditec
DE4718 hCG-b free Demeditec
DE52051 PAPP-A Demeditec
DE5325052 PKU enzymatic Demeditec
DE3265 Androstenedione Demeditec
DE3415 DHEA Demeditec
DE1562 DHEA-S Demeditec
DE2330 Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Demeditec
DE2693 Estradiol Demeditec
DE4399 Estradiol hs Demeditec
DE1612 Estriol, free/unconjugated Demeditec
DE3717 Estriol, total Demeditec
DE4174 Estrone Demeditec
DE1288 FSH Demeditec
DE1469 hCG Demeditec
DE10-28100 Inhibin A Demeditec
DE10-84100 Inhibin B Demeditec
DE1289 LH Demeditec
DE1561 Progesterone Demeditec
DE1292 17OH-Progesterone Demeditec
DE1291 Prolactin Demeditec
DE2996 SHBG Demeditec
DE1559 Testosterone Demeditec
DE2924 Testosterone, free Demeditec
DE4369 Testosterone, free Demeditec
DES6611 Cortisol free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV3013 Testosterone free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV2931 Progesterone free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV3140 17OH-Progesterone free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV4188 Estradiol free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV4780 Androstenedione free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV3012 DHEA free in saliva Demeditec
DESLV3653 Estriol free in saliva Demeditec
DEKDSM96 Melatonin in saliva Demeditec
DEKOG200SE 8OHdG-Check Demeditec
DERSCYK070R Chromogranin-A Demeditec
DEXK276 secretory IgA Demeditec
DESLV4576 Saliva Control Set Demeditec
DE3646 EPO (Erythropoietin) Demeditec
DE1872 Ferritin Demeditec
DEKAP0421 Calcitonin Demeditec
DEKAP1381 Osteocalcin human Demeditec
DEBT460 Osteocalcin intact human Demeditec
DEBT480 Osteocalcin mid-tact human Demeditec
DEBT440 Osteocalcin human Demeditec
DEBT470 Osteocalcin mouse Demeditec
DEBT490 Osteocalcin rat Demeditec
JP27158 Osteopontin human Demeditec
JP27360 Osteopontin rat Demeditec
JP27351 Osteopontin mouse Demeditec
JP27258 Osteopontin N-half human Demeditec
JP27259 Osteopontin N-half mouse Demeditec
DE1940032 Osteoprotegerin human Demeditec
DE1930042 sRANKL total (OPGL) Demeditec
DE3645 PTH intact Demeditec
DE2993 25(OH) Vitamin D3 Demeditec
DE2994 1,25(OH)2 Vitamin D Demeditec
DE3647 ACTH Demeditec
DE4128 Aldosterone Demeditec
DEKIP1809 CBG (Cortisol binding Globulin) Demeditec
DE1887 Cortisol Demeditec
DE2989 Cortisol in Urine Demeditec
DE568A Homocystein Demeditec
DE59341 Myeloperoxidase Demeditec
DEKOG200SE 8OHdG-Check Demeditec
DE1526 Angiotensin II Demeditec
JP27766 Bisphenol A (BPA) Demeditec
DE3327 C5a Demeditec
DEBT730 cAMP Demeditec
DEBT300 cAMP Demeditec
DEBT740 cGMP Demeditec
DEBT340 cGMP Demeditec
DE4164 Corticosterone Demeditec
DE931CRP01D CRP canine Demeditec
DE961CRP01H CRP high sensitive Demeditec
DE971CRP01M CRP mouse Demeditec
DE951CRP01R CRP rat Demeditec
DE740011 CRP sensitive Demeditec
DE3268 Digoxin Demeditec
DEE2500 GABA Demeditec
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